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Africa’s new Middle Class as a Force of Radicalization.
The rapid growth of the middle class in the developing world is widely seen as one of the most promising demographic developments in the 21st century. … Read More

Boko-haram-girls-150x150Girls as the New Weapons of Terror in West Africa.
Africa is in the thralls of a growing specter of gender-based violent extremism. The role of women in violent extremism has grown in tandem with the spiraling threat of terrorism globally… Read More

eaccIs Democracy making it Harder for Emerging Powers to Fight Crony Capitalism?
Historically, Kenya has suffered the surge of corruption. However, Kenya has never received publicity on corruption from its topmost leaders in the past as it has with President Uhuru’s government. This act of corruption has … Read More.

Crafting a new Global Counter-Extremism Architecture: The RESOLVE Network.
The world is at the nib of a major paradigm shift in its response to the escalating wave of violent extremism. This shift focuses on research networks such as Researching Solutions to Violent Extremism (Resolve) … Read More.

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