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FrontResearching Violent Extremism: Setting the Agenda for Africa.
The global surge of terrorist attacks by groups linked to either al-Qaeda or ISIS in 2015 turned a sharp spotlight on countering violent extremism (CVE). It also inspired an intense dialogue through global and regional conferences across the world on the present and future approaches to CVE… Read More

The Rise of China and the Future of Africa: Win-Win or No Deal?
The rise of China into a global economic powerhouse has opened opportunities for African trade, industrialization, technology and knowledge transfer and provided a source of affordable financial assistance… Read More.

Africa’s new Middle Class as a Force of Radicalization.
The rapid growth of the middle class in the developing world is widely seen as one of the most promising demographic developments in the 21st century. … Read More

Boko-haram-girls-150x150Girls as the New Weapons of Terror in West Africa.
Africa is in the thralls of a growing specter of gender-based violent extremism. The role of women in violent extremism has grown in tandem with the spiraling threat of terrorism globally… Read More

eaccIs Democracy making it Harder for Emerging Powers to Fight Crony Capitalism?
Historically, Kenya has suffered the surge of corruption. However, Kenya has never received publicity on corruption from its topmost leaders in the past as it has with President Uhuru’s government. This act of corruption has … Read More.

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