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miraa2Miraa and Geo-politics in the horn of Africa
The Horn of Africa geopolitics has largely been shaped by three factors. First is the spillover effects of Somali nationalism propelled by political and territorial claims against Somalia’s neighbors (Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya) with ethnic Somali population. Second, and more recent factor, is the spillover effect of radicalization and violent extremism in Somalia into Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and the larger Eastern Africa region.Read More

nairobiKenya’s Emergence as a Global Investment Hub.
Choices have consequences” was the mantra that Jubilee administration faced after clinching power in the hotly contested 2013 Kenyan general elections. The main leaders of the administration faced charges by the ICC which brought with it a cold treatment from international leaders and the dark veil kept hovering over the Jubilee government as it worked to solidify its administration… Read More

westgateAfrica Security Trends: Terrorism in Kenya, 2015 Report.
Nairobi: September 2016: In the aftermath of the deadly Westgate Mall terrorist attack in September 2013, the threat of terrorist attacks inside Kenya has significantly declined. A new study by the Africa Policy Institute (API) examines the reasons for this decline and maps out the changing trends and drivers of violent extremism in Kenya. The report provides concrete policy recommendations on effective combating terrorism in fragile democracies…. Read More

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